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Nikhil Saluja, the driving force behind Navodaya Trading Institute, is a seasoned financial educator with a passion for simplifying trading complexities. With 5 years of experience across diverse markets, he founded the institute to offer accessible education. Nikhil’s pragmatic teaching equips students with vital theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

His patient demeanor and commitment to students’ growth foster a supportive learning environment. A respected mentor and influencer, Nikhil extends his expertise through seminars and social media. His legacy as an exceptional trainer continues to evolve as Navodaya Trading Institute empowers aspiring traders under his guidance.


What is NSE and BSE
What is NSE and BSE: 4 Exclusive key Differences in NSE and BSE.

Introduction: In the dynamic world of finance, the NSE and BSE play pivotal roles in shaping India’s capital markets. What is NSE and BSE, you may ask? These two major stock exchanges have unique characteristics, functions, and corporate actions that set them apart. In this blog, we’ll delve into the essence of NSE and BSE, […]

Posted in: Stock Market,
Tags: Corporate Action, Difference between NSE & BSE, Market Participation in NSE and BSE, NSE & BSE, Stock market,
intraday trading
What is Intraday Trading: Best 8 Key Insights

Introduction: ” What is intraday trading” is the most common question in stock market. In this blog we are  explain what is intraday trading and it’s key point’s. Intraday trading, often referred to as day trading, is a captivating yet challenging endeavor in the financial markets. Unlike traditional investment approaches, intraday trading involves buying and […]

Posted in: Intraday Trading, Stock Market,
Tags: Day Trading, DayTradingCommunity, DayTradingStrategies, intraday trading, IntradayAnalysis, IntradayTips, IntradayVolatility, Stock market, StockMarketIntraday, TradingDay,
Derivatives Trading
Amazing 10 Derivatives Trading points

Introduction Derivatives trading stands at the forefront of the financial markets, offering investors unique opportunities to speculate, hedge, and manage risks. In this all-encompassing guide, we will explore the complexities of derivatives trading in depth, exploring the realms of futures and options, the concept of hedging, leverage, strike prices, and the nuances of call-and-put options. […]

Posted in: Derivatives Trading, Stock Market,
Tags: Call Option and Put Option, Derivatives Market, Derivatives trading, Futures and Options Trading, Hedging Meaning, Hedging Meaning in Hindi, Leverage Meaning in Hindi, Margin Trading, Option Leverage, Strike Price Meanings,


He is the teacher who... will not only guide you in options but also in life .... thank you, sir
His teaching and coaching style is awesome. He teaches in depth understandings of usage
Excellent content and very effective and impactful delivery by Nikhiil sir.

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